Meet Sara Shashani

It started with good old fashion pencil and paper, drawing anything in my path or that came to mind. With Pablo Picasso as my inspiration, I began experimenting with oil pastel on canvas, using just my fingers or a paper towel to blend colors and create bold, exaggerated works of art. I took very well to creating dark outlines in almost every piece I made, as it made my art so brightly, boldly, and richly colored. 

It wasn’t until a design course in college that led me to the world of digital art. On my first day of class, I learned we would be spending the entire course drawing birds in Adobe Illustrator. At first it sounded crazy, but I quickly realized that illustrating those birds was a familiar exercise of color, depth, and imagination, which greatly complimented my artistic style.

Nowadays, I pull my inspiration from nature and the world around me. The end result reflects my outlook in life; full of richness and color. My art is drawn using a track pad to create art that is both whimsical and precise.

Born and raised in Washington, DC, I decided to take a spontaneous leap of faith and landed in Francisco, CA where I continue to create and enjoy my other passions, such as travel, animals, and the great outdoors.







Minted Design Challenge Winner – ‘Young At Art’ Art Challenge with Pottery Barn | 2017

Minted Design Challenge Winner – Work of Art Challenge | 2014